From virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Home, to smart light bulbs, Smart door bells, security cameras and thermostats, they are collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT) and these Smart Systems can make our lives easier, convenient and save us time and keep us safe.

Internet-connected video doorbells and cameras make it possible to watch what someone is doing from anywhere in the world. Sensors on doors can reveal when someone leaves a building due to sensors connecting to wireless networks, allowing them to gather data about how we use them, and communicate with other devices in our homes.

Sales have increased for a number of reasons, take the internet-connected Smart video doorbells, they make it possible to see who has come to call and even talk to them without having to be there allowing business owners who have had to close shop and are now wanting to monitor their buildings remotely to family members wanting to take care of their elderly loved ones as many systems now offer emergency access from home. that many people now have beside their front door.  Automated devices used from inside, allow people to feel safe and reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

According to the global technology market firm ABI Research, the sales of smart devices is set to increase by as much as 30% (compared to the same time last year) as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. “A smarter home can be a safer home,” a research director at ABI Research recently said.

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