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At the beginning of March, a member of the TCS team and members of the Unity Tech Group attended the Assist Women's Networking event #EachForEqual which took place on 6th March at the Middlesbrough Central Library celebrating International Women's Day. Alongside getting an insight into the history behind this celebratory day.The event included a range of presentations, poetry and video clips of successful local women from our history presented by current local successful women.This day has been celebrated and observed for many years, has now gained more recognition worldwide in the last 10 years.

This was a great opportunity for us collectively to celebrate International Women's Day #IWD202 and learn more about the history of successful women from the area. We also had the opportunity to meet and network with other companies attending the event allowing friendships and partnerships to be formed with local businesses.We look forward to attending future events and getting to know more local companies and successful businesswomen.

For more information on future Assist Women's Networking Events please see the below link: https://www.assistwomensnetwork.co.uk/