Your business’ data and communication is the key to keeping you organised and productive and a server room is often the beating heart of this communication.

If server rooms experience a badly maintained climate or sudden temperature spikes, it can result in downtime and a loss of important data and productivity.

Luckily, there are some simple fixes that you can implement to help keep your server room cool.

Consider the Layout

Cooling your server room doesn’t have to be difficult. Hot or Cold Aisle Containment might sound like a mouthful, but it is actually one of the easiest and first steps you should implement.The basis is that you want to ensure you're pushing the hot air in a different direction to the cold air intake. A simple way to do this is to place the racks so the fronts are facing each other. When planning this, consider the size of your room and how many racks will occupy the room.

Seal the Server Room

To keep your server room cool, you need to do the opposite of keeping other rooms cool. To make sure your air cooling tools are working, you need to keep the door sealed. This also helps to ensure temperature remains constant. Server rooms function best without:

  • Windows
  • Unnecessary Doors
  • Repaired Cracks
  • Gaps or Holes

Again, this is something that should be considered during the initial design phase.


There should be no reason for your server room to house anything except your server and network equipment. For your server room to keep cool and function properly, only vital equipment should be stored in there. Believe it or not, some people use their server rooms as extra storage space or even an extra office! So, avoid storing or entering the room as much as possible.

Even through there are tons of other ways you can keep your server room cool, these are the 3 that jump out to us as the most important. They are simple to implement, especially if you are still in the design phase of your server room. Otherwise, there are quick and easy fixes that you can put in place to keep your server room cool all year round.