Door Security Systems provides enhanced protection and shielding from various undesirable situations and circumstances. It keeps contents and employees within the building safe and secure, as well as preventing smoke and or fire from traveling quickly through open doors in the case of emergency.

However, given the current situation with Covid-19, employers are now looking at door security to manage limited occupancy and social distancing in the workplace.

New door security and staff access software can quickly and easily manage the flow of people around your building to control the maximum number of people in any

given area. Systems like this can be installed by the TCS engineers. The software can bar access if occupancy is full and alert the building manager when a space nears capacity.

Paxton, an IT and tech company which TCS works closely with, supports this software in their door security packages.

Adam Stroud, Paxton CEO said: “We understand the important part that access control has to play in managing the flow of people around a building in order to support a hygienic environment. In addition, controlling the density of people in any given area is a valuable tool to help businesses of all types to become ‘COVID-secure’."

Software like this is important and should be invited into everyday office life to protect its’ occupants. Protecting staff so that they can safely come back to work is a vital step forward in working smarter, and safer, in your business.

Contact a member of the TCS sales team to arrange to have your Door Security system fitted at your businesses premises- or 01642 610728.