While The 2010 Equality Act means there are laws against discriminatory acts, improving accessibility is down to the individual business. Providing the most basic form of access such as ensuring someone can enter your business is a legal requirement, but additional equipment and considerations that could significantly help disabled people aren’t.

Most accessibility solutions are affordable and easy to implement in a business and they can make a serious improvement to the everyday lives of disabled people. Making your business accessible gives disabled people much-needed freedom to carry out everyday tasks independently which is not only vital practically but can also improve their overall well-being and happiness.

Digital Signage and Visual Aids like that installed by TCS can vastly improve a hearing impaired person's experience at your place of work and also make communication and the relaying of important information much easier for both parties.

Examples of Digital Signage can be found in GP Surgeries. TCS has lots of experience in the installation of Digital Signage within GP Surgeries, which instructs patients which consultation room to enter and allows them to register themselves present for appointments, for example.

Digital Signage can also be found on public transport like buses and trains and within stations and bus stops, cinemas and shopping centres. On public transport a screen can display the upcoming stops, enabling those who are hearing impaired to use public transport safely and with confidence.

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