The world of CCTV has grown massively in terms of sheer number of cameras, volume of data and its use as police evidence. Manufacturers have now started to branch out from a basic video recording facility, to including a wide variety of advanced features. These improvements make CCTV one of the most beneficial security mechanisms in the UK today.

Despite their use in detecting and preventing crime, many businesses in the region continue to operate with old and poor quality cameras, with some implementing no active security measures at all.In this blog, we will run down some of the beneficial features of CCTV systems which you might not have thought of and why they are a worthwhile investment for your business.

Cloud Storage

Storing CCTV footage in a secure way is one of the biggest challenges that users face. Data needs to be stored in such a way that allows instant access if necessary. A cloud storage facility from a reputable partner will have high levels of security and efficient back-up capabilities.

It is worth being aware that cloud storage comes with its own associated risks and costs. Like any business investment, it needs research before you commit to the solution.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connections have improved massively over recent years and initial worries about wireless CCTV connections being too slow or unreliable have been overcome. CCTV cameras are now able to use Wi-Fi to communicate with the rest of the security system, so there is no need for data cables.

Bear in mind though, that wireless CCTV still requires power cables, a data network that can support the video stream and an access point that bridges the network and the camera.

Monitor staff

Managers’ time is limited and they are often kept busy with more important parts of running a business. CCTV solutions help managers to keep an eye on their business affairs. They can also act as a third eye that keeps your staff monitored and contributes to detecting and preventing employee theft. On the other hand, CCTV can also be beneficial in protecting vulnerable employees from staff abuse or theft.

Motion Detection

Some CCTV systems support motion detection which allows your camera to start recording only when it had detected movement, eliminating a lot of irrelevant video footage. This has its own benefits such as saving money on data storage and backup, and makes sourcing relevant data quicker and easier.

If you’re unsure of which CCTV solution is right for you, get in touch with our team to arrange your free site survey. We can create a bespoke system to suit your business’s individual needs and budget.