Total Contracting Services to Cloud Services

Connecting everyone, everything, everywhere - all the time .

Total Contracting Services has changed to Unity Cloud Services as of March 2021 under the Unity Ltd company. Cloud Services will continue to deliver exceptional standard and quality to all our new and existing customer base on a National level. Specializing in delivering multi-discipline, technology-based installation projects.

Unity Cloud Services will work with you as an extension of your company, we take value in our relationships with partners and customers, that is why we support a wide range of customers and channel partners on a variety of both public and private sectors. We like to build partnerships and relationships with our customers and to work very closely with their technical teams to develop innovative solutions for operating challenges. We enjoy long term relationships on many levels with our customers and we pride ourselves on our integrity, customer focus, and reliability.

Due to our robust processes and procedures, as well as our multi-disciplined engineering team, we can adapt our delivery to meet business needs while still guaranteeing we deliver on the contract requirements. We believe very strongly in our in-house trainee scheme which has seen a lot of our engineers’ progress through the company as well as some key people within our management team. This means our team is perfectly placed to deliver projects to very high standards. Many members of our team have spent years honing their skills through training and experience, in all allowing Unifiers to be constantly raising the bar by considering what is best for your business needs and your long-term goals.

Working with U

With the ever growing list of services our multi-skilled and fully-trained engineers can implement and install, Unity is a versatile and ever developing company.

Our Offering to Businesses

Click through our wide range of services to see just how

all-rounded and adaptable Cloud Services is.


Inject agility into your business with everything as a service XaaS. Co-opting clouds deployment model into your business.

DC - XaaS

State of the art Data Centre local to the area. Housing your servers and networking equipment. Giving businesses peace of mind.


A facility that protects their high-value data in a

secure location. Our customers provide the hardware and we will secure, power and connect your complete solution through our data centre on to the web or

onto private networks.

Hosting Services

Shared or dedicated hosting of services. Unity’s hosting services enable customers to subcontract one or more web-based core functions to our hosting service.

  1. Managed Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. Website hosting
  4. Mail hosting
  5. Pro hosting

Data Centre Connectivity

Allows our customers

to connect from our facilities, or through partners, customers can

leverage pre-provisioned connectivity to any data centre or service provider,

no matter where they are located in the world. Unity can structure connectivity

around our customer’s particular needs, whether you require global or local

access to services.

Other Unity Services

Unity Ltd goes above and beyond tech, look at what else Unity do:

  • Unity Wholesale Communications
  • AI Software
  • Unity Workplace IT
  • Tech Shop
  • Tech Force

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